We can help manufacturers of sustainable products to find new partners. 

Are you looking for buyers of your products and China and East Asia?

Are you looking for foreign investment into your company?

Please contact us we can help you to find trading and investment partners in China and elsewhere!


If you are a manufacturer of cleaner solutions, an engineering company providing related services, or a clean technology distributor, and would like to expand your market then we recommend that you get in touch with our marketing team: Marketing (at) qualitycarbonassets.com. 

We can help you to device and implement a carbon credit driven sales strategy that will allow you to offer your products at a substantial discount to your clients.

By integrating the prospective carbon credit income in clean tech project viability assessments and financing plans we demonstrate the commercial feasibility  and competitiveness of cleaner solutions and help to secure attractive deals.  

We will assist you and your customers to tap into an additional income stream, which can arise out of the greenhouse gas mitigation certification of your product application. Each tonne of coal, oil or gas not burned, as much as each MWh of electricity saved as a result of introducing your product will not only lower the energy bills of your customers, but also lead to a significant additional income from the carbon credits that can be generated with help to the Mechanisms introduced under the Kyoto Protocol to the Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).  

If your work with us in getting the energy savings and related emission reductions certified that are associated with the introduction of your product, then you can benefit greatly not only in terms of lowering the costs of your product for the end users, but also by building a reputation as environmental leader in your market. We are on stand-by to help you to become an internationally recognized steward for global environmental and social responsibility. 

In principle, any technologies that help to lower greenhouse gas emission are suitable for basic certification. Next generation lighting systems, as much as heat pumps, solar water heaters, or biogas digesters, even waste incineration, waste heat recycling or fuel switch from coal or oil to gas.

Please contact us if your are interested in learning more and in discussing potential benefits of a cooperation with us. 

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