An overwhelming number of websites is offering climate change and CDM related information. To ease your personal orientation we may recommend our favorites: The CDM Rulebook is the definitive online database of the CDM rules.  It has been developed by Baker & McKenzie, with funding from eight donor organisations, and is now freely available to the public.

IGES.ORG:  The CDM databases and calculation tools of the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies constitute a most valuable online information source for quick orientation and oversight. 

CD4CDM.ORG:  Is intended to assist in the design and implementation GHG(Green House Gas) emission reduction projects according to CDM rules. It offers a vast array of helpful publications for free download. The CDM/JI Pipeline Analysis and Database contains all CDM/JI projects that have been sent for validation/determination. It also contains the baseline & monitoring methodologies and other valuable information for CDM market participants. The CDM Bazaar is a Web-based facility which serves as a platform for exchange of information on Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project opportunities.

CERSPA.COMThe Certified Emission Reductions Sale and Purchase Agreement (CERSPA) is a free, open-source contract template for buying and selling Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) generated under the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). The associated Guidance Document explains the terms contained in the CERSPA and provides alternate clauses that can be tailored to different transactions.

P-CDM: Please click here to obtain access to a comprehensive guidebook to provide project owners and project developers with examples of how to develop programmatic approaches ("Programmes of Activities") in six typical sectors including illustrative model cases.

CDMGoldstandard.ORG: The Gold Standard Foundation registers projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions in ways that contribute to sustainable development and certifies their carbon credits for sale on both compliance and voluntary offset markets.