Organizations worthwhile considering:

Finding the right partners for your CDM or JI activities can be a daunting task In view of rapidly changing market and policy environments.  Here are a few of the players that we believe are worthwhile considering as prospective partners: 

 The World Bank Carbon Finance Program has a dedicated carbon finance help desk. In addition, through its capacity building wing CF-Assist it is able to provide tailor-made advice for local project owners and CDM partners. 

The Asian Development Bank's Asia Pacific Carbon Fund is offering finance for clean energy projects in Asia and the Pacific Region with CDM registration potentials. Particularily energy efficiency, renewable energy and methane capturing projects are of interest.

The Carbon Ratings Agency is an entity worthwhile getting in touch with when you are searching for dedicated advice on CDM project quality and risk. 

The China New Energy Chamber of Commerce  is an industry association dedicated to promoting better market uptake of clean energy solutions. It helps its members to tap the CDM potentials. 

 The Climate Change Program of GTZ  provides CDM advisory services at all levels. A highlight are its monthly CDM briefings providing learly structured information on the latest developments in the international negotiations relating to the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). 

The PoA Support Center of Germany's Development Bank KfW is providing advisory, structuring and assessment services for your programme proposals as well as financing and grants to cover the preparation of programme concepts, project design documents (PDDs) and monitoring plans. In addition, it offers its know-how to help with programme implementation and can assist you with marketing expected carbon credits.