QCA - Sustainability Partners are a group of companies headquartered in Hongkong and Switzerland. 

Originally concentrating on renewable energy projects and trading of the resulting "carbon creditsQCA - Sustainability Partners today are 

  • Consultants
  • Business developers and 
  • Traders 

broadly focusing on sustainable products and services.

While maintaining a portfolio of more than 100 environmental projects  that have been successfully developed and registered with the Clean Development Mechanism of United Nations, approved by the Swiss Government and by the project host countries we are increasingly active in the following areas:

  • Sourcing & trading of sustainable products: especially food, beauty & homecare 
  • Sustainability Investment Consulting & Due Diligence 
  • Business Brokerage with focus on facilitation of aquisitions by Chinese Clients 

We also participate in the restructuring of green businesses whose potentials are yet to be unleashed. 


While remaining committed to delivering  “Quality Carbon Assets” from our CDM project portfolio, the initials Q.C.A. today stand for the broader message:

“Quality, Credibility and Accountability”

that the company group is offering across all areas in which it is getting involved in as sustainability consultant, trader, broker or investor.  


To assure that the company’s services can be delivered efficiently across sectors and continents QCA today is structured as an alliance of like-minded partners that belong to or work in close cooperation with the QCA Group.