Quality Leadership -  The Q.C.A. Objective

Our Quality Commitment

Q.C.A. is positioning itself as a niche-player that has made a critical choice in favor of quality in light of past CDM lessons. 

Most established CDM players have been focusing on growth at the expense of high internal project drop out rates and CER vintage shortfalls. Rather than aiming to catch-up with the volume leaders, we favor "quality at the expense of quantity" and allocate our internal resources accordingly.

This is because we believe in sustainable growth. We would like to assist in promoting the CDM and its successor mechanism as a means to facilitate balanced development that helps all market participants and the involved communities prosper on the long run.

In order to make this happen, we carefully scrutinize all project proposals in light of latest Executive Board interpretations of the CDM Rules. In addition to that,  we apply the Gold Standard Criteria in all eligible sectors.

We consider project due diligence as one of our core competencies and devote the bulk of our resources to make sure that the projects that we sign are clearly matching the CDM eligibility criteria and are sufficiently backed with supporting evidence to enable smooth processing at all stages.  

Rather than copying and pasting earlier project design documents and just changing names and numbers, we actively engage in developing better quality documents whose analytical rigor and reader-friendliness stand-out.

Much attention is also paid to the development of novel approaches that lead to outstanding portfolio quality. Our goal is to help in unleashing the potentials of new CDM policies and approaches, such as programmatic frameworks for expedited processing of CDM  projects - so called  PoA or P-CDM activities. 

Q.C.A. is proposing the development of a "Gold Standard PoA for Small Scale Hydro Power Projects in China".

For further information concerning our quality commitments, quality assurance strategy and engagement in developing novel project types and programs, please contact us at: