For Consultants

In a market undergoing recession, CDM project buyers tend to become more conservative and cautious when considering new projects and partners. Many of the established players are struggling with oversubscribed portfolios, oversized staff and administration. Consequently, their appetites to add new projects and consultants are limited.

In contrast, Q.C.A., a new player who is backed by Arcadia Energy and Frontline Shipping - compliance buyers just starting to build a CDM project portfolio with the view to meet long term needs- is still eager to sign and develop quality projects of all kinds in all CDM regions. Accordingly, chances to succeed with Q.C.A. are much better than with most other ERPA underwriters at the moment.

In absence of expensive long term commitments stemming from ERPAs signed in overheated markets, the basic cooperation terms and conditions we can offer are more favorable than those of the established players.

Our straightforward and transparent compensation policies for CDM project sourcing, PDD (Project Design Document) preparation, monitoring, due diligenceand quality assurance support, as well as clearly defined cooperation terms and timelines that are matched by on-time payments allow cooperating partners to reliably plan their business and to prosper together with us. 

Last but not least, cooperating with Q.C.A. means finding exceptional opportunities for continuous learning and growth on the job.

For us, cooperation is no short term endeavor and no one way street. We aim for long term partnership in pursuing pioneering activities, such as Programmatic CDM approaches (PoAs), or supplementary CDM Gold Standard Certification. Thus our partners can learn as much as we do in uncovering new ground and building a reputation as rigerous quality leaders. 

If you are interested in learning details about the benefits of working with us, please contact: