Originally concentrating on renewable energy projects and trading of the resulting "carbon creditsQCA - Sustainability Partners today are 

  • Consultants
  • Business developers and 
  • Traders 

broadly focusing on sustainable products and services.

While maintaining a portfolio of more than 100 environmental projects  that have been successfully developed and registered with the Clean Development Mechanism of United Nations, approved by the Swiss Government and by the project host countries we are increasingly active in the following areas:

  • Sourcing & trading of sustainable products: especially food, beauty & homecare 
  • Sustainability Investment Consulting & Due Diligence 
  • Business Brokerage with focus on facilitation of aquisitions by Chinese Clients 

We also participate in the restructuring of green businesses whose potentials are yet to be unleashed. 


While remaining committed to delivering  “Quality Carbon Assets” from our CDM project portfolio, the initials Q.C.A. today stand for the broader message:

“Quality, Credibility and Accountability”

that the company group is offering across all areas in which it is getting involved in as sustainability consultant, trader, broker or investor.  


To assure that the company’s services can be delivered efficiently across sectors and continents QCA today is structured as an alliance of like-minded partners that belong to or work in close cooperation with the QCA Group.


 Current Members of the QCA Alliance are:

  • Sustainability Partners Co Ltd (HongKong)
  • QCA AG (Kägiswil - Switzerland)
  • Climate Protection Partners AG (Kägiswil - Switzerland)
  • Climate Protection Finance AG (Kägiswil - Switzerland)
  • Kerlin Energy & Environment Co Ltd (Beijing-China)
  • MEHR Renewable Energy Co Ltd (Teheran-Iran)
  • Greenlane Asia  (Phuket-Thailand)
  • UVION / UVELOX (Chemnitz-Germany)

The lead (management) company Q.C.A. AG  is a joint stock corporation (Aktiengesellschaft). It was  founded in 2009 by a former portfolio manager at the  GEF who has a track record of more than 25 years as environmental project specialist at the German Government, at the World Bank, the United Nations and at serval private ventures. 

QCA is incorporated and headquartered in the heart of Europe in Kanton Obwalden,  Switzerland . Our mission remains to deliver high quality carbon credits from CDM, Joint Implementation and Voluntary Emission Reduction  Projects. 


 Accordingly we stay involved in:  

  • Sourcing and origination 
  • Due diligence & underwriting
  • Project cycle management and supervision,
  • Monitoring, evaluation and overall quality assurance

    of clean energy and other emission reduction projects. 

Q.C.A. is acting as principal CDM project sourcing, management and quality assurance partner of the 


Arcadia Energy and Petroleum Group, a network of globally operating oil and commodities traders with main offices in London, Geneva, Singapore and Brisbane that is owned by the Farrahead Holding. Farrahead also owns Frontline Shipping and Golar LNG, global leaders in seaborne oil and gas transportation. 

Q.C.A. has two sister companies in the area of project financing: The 
Climate Protection Finance (CPF) AG and the Climate Protection Invest (CPI) AG. Their boards are led by Q.C.A.'s chairman. Via CPI and CPF QCA is able to offer favorable financing especially for smaller CDM projects. 

Last but not least Q.C.A. does clean technology marketing and technology transfer.

By integrating the prospective carbon credit income in clean tech project viability assessments and financing plans, we demonstrate the commercial feasibility  and competitiveness of cleaner solutions. Thereby, we support cleantech companies in finding buyers for their technologies and securing attractive financing solutions.

Q.C.A. supports, represents and guides clean technology companies, project developers and investors interested in entering new markets -specifically China and Central Asia-  with the help of CDM Benefits. Furthermore, we represent the local partners and take the responsibility for the project supervision if required.

Our Quality Assurance

Q.C.A. is positioning itself as a niche-player, which deliberately puts an emphasis on quality instead of quantity as its growth strategy in light of increasing problems with the delivery of CDM carbon credits. 

Most established CDM players have been focusing on growth at the expense of high internal project drop out rates and CER(Certified Emission Reduction) vintage shortfalls. Rather than aiming to catch-up with the volume leaders, we favor "quality at the expense of quantity" and allocate our internal resources accordingly.

This is because we believe in sustainable growth. 

We consider project due diligence as one of our core competencies and devote the bulk of our resources to make sure that the projects that we sign are clearly matching the CDM eligibility criteria and are sufficiently backed with supporting evidence to enable smooth processing at all stages: Planning, documentation, validation, audit, registration, monitoring, verification and the issue of ceritifcates.

Much attention is also paid to the development of novel approaches that lead to outstanding portfolio quality. Our goal is to help in unleashing the potentials of new CDM policies and approaches in order to secure market share in exceptionally profitable areas in the long term. This specifically applies to programmatic frameworks for expedited processing particularly of smaller and until now economically unattractive CDM projects - so called PoA or P-CDM activities. 

Rather than copying and pasting earlier project design documents and just changing names and numbers, we actively engage in developing better quality documents whose analytical rigor and reader-friendliness stand-out.