We aim to go "The Extra Mile"

Going the extra mile for us means we aim to deploy our finance and expertise in environmentally balanced and socially responsible ways.  Accordingly Q.C.A not only strives for above average returns, but also hopes to bring exceptional improvements to the environment and quality of life of the people in the vicinity of its projects.

We live the values we expect to see in the world and therefore hold ourselves and our partners accountable to high standards of corporate governance, ethics, and sustainability. 

Comparisons of corporate social responsibility focussed Stock Indicies, such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, with the market reference offer proof that better business practices mean better returns and better stock market performance. This is what we would like to pass on to our partners and investors in the long run. 

For information how you can become part of QCA's mission please contact: management@qualitycarbonassets.com