For Project Owners

Are you looking for investors that might be interested to participate in your clean technology project?

Please contact us, we can assist you to find the right partners in China and elsewhere. 


Owners of clean energy, energy conservation and other green house gas emission reduction projects should consider working with Q.C.A. because it offers best possible services at a significantly lower expense than our competitors.

Q.C.A can bring you directly in touch with reliable, well capitalized Buyers, such as Arcadia Energy, who is ready to take on the project development and management costs.

In addition, Q.C.A. is specializing in the identification and development of opportunities for Carbon Certification that demonstrates triple project benefits for environment, economy and local communities.  Accordingly working with Q.C.A. and its partners may enable you to pride yourself as an internationally recognized sustainability leader.

For projects that have the potential to deliver premium Carbon Credits our buyers are willing to support the owners much beyond the standard practice and will accordingly agree to Terms and Conditions that are more favorable than the market standard.